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I-DEA: Inclusion – Diversity and equity for all children

       Vara/Sweden 05.10. bis 09.10.2015:

                                                             Startveranstaltung des ERASMUS+ Projektes „I-Dea“ in Vara.
                                                             „Who is who in our Project“
                                                              „The DIGI-Tool“

       Arnsberg/Germany 18.04. bis 22.04.2016:

                                                             „How to create attitudes for an inclusive School development“
                                                             „DIGI-Tool: Contents for the digital Instrument“

       Akranes/Iceland 19.09. bis 23.09.2016:

                                                            „Workingplans with the DIGI-Tool“
                                                            „Discussing the different school-Systems“
                                                            „Flexible School, teaching and learning methods“

       Malmö/Sweden 19.02. bis 21.02.2017:

                                                          „Working on the DIGI-Tool“
                                                          „Plannings for the last Meeting in May 2017“

      Trollhättan/Sweden 15.05. bis 19.05.2017:

                                                           „Presentation of the DIGI-Tool“
                                                           „How to go on working with the digital tool“
                                                           „Ideas for the presentations in the Partner countries“